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About Us

Novalba S.r.l. yesterday…

The Novalba Srl company started from the farsighted project of its founder, Gianni Canella. At the beginning of the 90s, he opened a warehouse for the sale of  household appliances in the heart of Africa, starting a business that still today represents the main part of the activity. Only at the beginning of 2000, the firm finally settled down in the current headquarters in Lomellina.

Novalba S.r.l. today…

Novalba S.r.l. is located in Robbio (PV) and occupies, with its warehouses, an area of ​​about 10,000 m2 reserved for the storage of goods for export. Within the same area is located an outlet of 600 m2 exclusively dedicated to retail sale. The company offers a multi branded range of goods both for the built in and for the free standing installation and guarantees the customer a wide choice of goods.


Via G. Matteotti, 12

27038 Robbio – Pavia

Phone: 0384 671864

Mail: info@novalbasrl.it

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